Nëntë heronjtë e Startup-it nga sfida e FIZHT “Nga super ideja në super market” vazhdojnë me shitje të suksesshme në marketet TINEX

“PRO FIT” cracker is the Startup Hero that is a real source of energy. Protein cracker with reduced carbohydrates is a healthy diet, prepared in a healthy way.

Startup Hero “ChiaDía” is an innovative, non-alcoholic, energy drink, based on chia seeds, with nutritional values ​​and a high concentration of essential oils, minerals and vitamins, created from natural ingredients from domestic production. Its launch aims to direct all citizens towards a healthy way of eating and living and higher collective immunity.

Startup Hero “WICE” ice cream was launched by the Matryoshka company and contains as much as 50% Macedonian wine of excellent quality.

Next Startup Hero “Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer”, made from water, grains, hops and yeast of “Bakrevski Brewery” has created a unique drink that does not contain flavor enhancers, alcohol, color or extracts and is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Startup Hero – Truffle mushrooms and their unique taste have different applications in different products thanks to the company “EVAL DOO”. They started producing a wide variety of products containing truffles from their home climate.

Startup Hero product Black IPA is a hybrid of classic IPA (India Pale Ale) and dark beer styles (Porter, Stout, Dark Ale), and was produced thanks to the support of FITD for the craft brewery @Pivolabs Craft Brewery.

The project “Startup Heroes – from a super idea to a super market” was implemented by the Fund for Innovation in cooperation with the corporate partner TINEX and support from the Swiss Program for Increasing Market Employability IME.

The products of our Startup Heroes are available in the following 10 locations of “Tinex” markets: Zebra, Godel, Prvomajska, Lisa, East Gate Mall, Konchar, Majcin Dom, Praska, storey garage “South Boulevard” and Chrome.


The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development within the challenge “Startup Heroes – from super idea to super market” supported a total of 9 companies that launched their innovative products on the market.

The nine Startup Heroes have already occupied the specially branded shelves in the markets and successfully started their sales.

Among the companies that received non-refundable funds for the launch of their own innovative products is “SCOOP Artisan Gelato”, a company that produces innovative and unique Macedonian ice cream.

Startup Hero – the company “Plant Engineering Skopje”, for the first time marketed its innovative product “Microimmunomix” under the brand “Microplant”. It is a mixture of micro-plants of sunflower, radish, cabbage, broccoli, arugula, mustard and amaranth. This product, obtained by in vitro technology, is used as a dietary supplement and contains 4-40 times more nutritional value compared to fresh vegetables.

The next Startup Hero company Fila Cosmetics has launched a high-quality homemade product made from all-natural ingredients, which is produced as a xylitol hand cream and a facial moisturizer. Through this product, the quality products that until now were used only by health professionals, through adaptation, are available for use in home conditions as well.