A challenge for young researchers


  • Problem / need identification
  • Hypothesis formulation (s)
  • Defining research methodology
  • Creating a team of mentors and students with complementary skills and abilities
  • Formulation of expected results
  • Are these results applicable in terms of problem solving / need satisfaction?
  • What is the potential wider impact?
  • How does this research complement what is being taught in school?

The aim of the challenge is to stimulate creative and critical thinking by finding answers to previously identified questions and problems, and to nurture curiosity by discovering new horizons in a way that challenges conventional knowledge. Through the discovery process, students, teachers, and mentors can identify their abilities, improve their skills, and collaborate to achieve common goals.

Through the Challenge for Young Researchers, FITD supports research projects based on the scientific method, including aspects such as teamwork, inclusion, social cohesion, research ethics, and socio-economic benefits. The measure is implemented through the following steps:

  • Announcement of one public call per year
  • Pre-selection of the received project proposals
  • Presentation of the pre-selected project proposals
  • Selection of awarded projects that will receive financial support for implementation
  • Implementation of the awarded projects
  • Promotional activities and peer learning