Launched in October 2017, the Europe and Eurasia Entrepreneurship Education Support Project, implemented by Junior Achievement Europe, aims to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in the global economy through the development and implementation of entrepreneurship education programs, financial literacy and better labor market preparedness. The project collaborates with high schools, students, teachers, parents and other organizations such as business associations, financial institutions, and leading companies that want to support entrepreneurship education in the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The project enhances the partnership between businesses and schools in order to create a generation of young people capable of applying innovative approaches and techniques in their teaching activities and people who will be prepared for the modern labor market.

How does it function?

  • Upgrading the support for entrepreneurship education in secondary and vocational schools with a special focus on the “Junior Achievement” program, which offers students aged 15 to 19 the opportunity to learn how to create their own business, how to get from idea to realization while still in school.
  • Teacher training to guide students through the Junior Achievement Company program.
  • Measuring impact on young people through the use of pre- and post-skills skills assessment and obtaining the Entrepreneurial Skills PassTM (ESP)
  • Certificate – an international qualification for students participating in the Junior Achievement program for student company.
  • Implementation of Junior Achievement Innovation Camps focused on high-growth industrial sectors, where students attend a twelve-hour challenge-based event;
  • Enabling students to participate in national and international competitions.