The fund recognizes the important role of mentoring among entrepreneurs, through which they have the chance to learn how to cope with business challenges, develop leadership skills and promote entrepreneurial spirit. For active FITR users, we provide mentoring by in-house experts.

We provide technical support to potential applicants through training and consultations. The purpose of these trainings is to strengthen the capacities of the users, the individual specific needs of each user and that is why we provide them with individual mentoring.


The engaged experts through these trainings help the potential applicants with special attention to the following topics:

Help for developing a business idea

-Financial projection and budgeting

-Identification of sources of funding

-Identification of an innovative potential of a company and / or a proposed idea

-Identification and formulation of “technology readiness level”

– “Technology benchmarking”

-Research of the potential for protection of industrial property rights

-Competition analysis

-Identification of potential clients and segmentation of potential clients (customer segmentation)

-Defining activities in the research and development cycle

Defining a project team structure

-Risk analysis

-Identification of potential impacts

-Communication and presentation skills

By calling the telephone number 02 3145 258, a consultation meeting can be scheduled.


The trainings take place in three phases:

-Assessment of user needs

-Group trainings

-Individual mentoring

Mentoring trainings are conducted on the following topics:

-Implementation of the process of discovery and validation of the buyer / client

-Business planning

-Marketing and marketing strategy

-Strategy for access to markets, ie. Go-to-market strategy

-Access to finance

-Sales and internationalization

-Operational management

-Innovation Management (Intellectual Property)