Challenge for establishing production laboratories FAB LABS "Young People Create"

In a world facing an increasing flow of information, where the advancement of science and technology is accelerating and has an increasing impact on the daily life of man, the educational process must adapt to the need to meet the challenges of the future. Hence, it becomes more and more important for students not only to acquire certain knowledge, but also to acquire skills to be able to practically apply the same craft in a creative and analytical way in order to find new solutions to existing and upcoming problems.

The challenge of establishing production laboratories, first announced in 2021, aims to provide young people with the spatial, material and technical conditions to develop innovative products, services, processes, activities or methodologies that offer practical and social useful solutions to certain issues or problems in priority areas of science and technology. At the same time, these laboratories will be a place for cooperation between the private sector, higher education and scientific institutions, enterprises and civil society organizations.

The production laboratories are located within the higher education and scientific-research institutions, meet certain spatial and technical conditions and are a place for play, creation and discovery. These laboratories will provide young people with access to advanced technologies through which they can materialize what they have imagined, a place where young people can learn and create by fostering their innovation.

These laboratories:

Young people aged 15 to 29 will be provided with free access, mentoring, space and technical facilities to design a prototype or small production of an innovative solution that they can test in a laboratory, industrial environment and / or market.
Will enable individuals and legal entities under certain commercial conditions to use the equipment for prototyping purposes.