FITD opened the first info center in Tetovo

FITD opened the first info center, a creative space intended for information, networking and development of new innovative ideas and creation of new business stories.

The FITD Info Center is located at the University of Southeast Europe, Tetovo, where students and entrepreneurs can get more information about the Fund’s current instruments for financing business projects.

“From today, we are closer to you, young people who over the years have become convinced that you possess extraordinary potential and creativity to create amazing solutions and respond to all the challenges we face. In this info center, you will be able to get information about all the instruments that are available in the Fund for financing your business projects, you can get guidance on how to develop your business idea, network and exchange information and contacts within our network” emphasized Festim Halili, director of the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development.

The cooperation of state institutions with the academy and the business community is of crucial importance for creating better conditions for young people to improve their skills and potential, something that FITD has realized in the past period. We opened seven new laboratories located in higher education institutions, equipped with the latest technique and technology, so that young people can research and work on their innovative ideas.

The opening of this info center is another step of FITD towards accelerated technological development, which is based on the transfer of knowledge, development research and innovations that contribute to economic growth and development, but also to the improvement of the business climate for the development of the competitiveness of enterprises.