The laboratory designed for young researchers FEIT Fab Lab, has started with work

Starting from today, young researchers get another place where they can work on their scientific projects, research and innovative ideas. FEIT Fab Lab is one of the three laboratories supported by FITD within the “Challenge to establish fabrication laboratories FAB LAB”, which will provide young people with open access to advanced technologies and materials with which they will be able to materialize their innovative ideas. Within the FEIT Fab Lab, under the mentorship of the academic staff, external experts and representatives from the private sector, basic and advanced courses and mentoring will be held in several areas such as: modeling for 3D printing and working with a 3D printer, practical electronics and embeddable microcomputer systems, free and open software, etc.

DFITD Festim Halili stated that: “By opening the FEIT Fab Lab, we are giving a chance to a large number of young enthusiasts to more easily improve their skills and potential, to directly participate in scientific research activity and to influence the development of their career and our society. For us, as an institution that continuously supports creative people, it is of great importance that the industry, the academic community, the public and the civil sector will cooperate even more intensively thanks to these projects”.

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development for the first time realized a different challenge, entitled “Challenge to establish fabrication laboratories FAB LAB – Young people create”, with which we began to invest in the development of the national innovation infrastructure. With this type of investments, FITD significantly contributes to the establishment of the quadruple helix system, which implies close cooperation between the academic community, industry, the civil sector and the public sector. The quadruple helix enables a better use of the innovation potentials in all social segments to successfully deal with the socio-economic challenges that our country is facing.

By realizing this challenge, we got another proof that our country has the need for a similar type of infrastructure in different industries. Because of this, last year the Fund realized another such challenge for the establishment of “MAKERSPACE” fabrication laboratories, from which the results will be published very soon.