Macedonian company "KMG Living" designs furniture tailored to people with physical disabilities

The company says that they are working on the production of furniture that will have specific solutions for practical functioning of people with specific needs, ie they design furniture that will make their lives easier, and to some extent will reduce the pain of these people.

The countries’ efforts for integration and smooth functioning of persons with disabilities in every segment of social life are becoming more and more obvious and obvious. That is why the authorities strive for real support of all endeavors that are aimed at ensuring quality everyday life of persons in this category. In addition to this speaks the support of the State Fund for Innovation and Technological Development for companies that with their innovations want to contribute in this direction.

“KMG Living” is one of them, and they operate in the field of furniture production according to the needs of people with physical disabilities, which in the future, except in homes, may be part of the facilities of institutions as part of the idea of ​​accessibility.

The company says that they are working on the production of furniture that will have specific solutions for practical functioning of people with specific needs, ie they design furniture that will make their lives easier, and to some extent will reduce the pain of these people.

“The aim of the project is to produce furniture that is adapted and fully suitable for people with physical disabilities, enabling them to function independently and meet their own needs. The produced furniture will provide specific solutions to the problems of people with physical disabilities, ie. it will be designed to make their daily lives easier. The products resulting from this project have practical and unlimited use in personal life and will fill the gaps in the provision of furniture that has a non-standard design, “said the owner and manager of” KMG Living “Oliver Risteski, emphasizing that in addition to the Macedonian market these pieces of furniture future will be available to the wider region and the world market.

It announces new products such as tables and chairs that will be adjustable in height and angles in order to facilitate daily activities for people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities.

“They will be suitable for people who have limited mobility, ie walking, stability, use mobility devices (eg crutches, aids), even if they have temporary activity restrictions, such as post-surgical restrictions or orthopedic injuries, such as and children with scoliosis, autism and the like. The products can help in everyday activities and enable proper body posture “, explains Risteski.

The idea was born spontaneously, ie as a result of the requests of some users.

“The idea comes from my many years of experience in the production and sale of furniture. I was often part of the team to adapt a particular piece of standard furniture to meet the needs of a physically disabled customer. “Most of them were school-age children, so I had to adapt a desk, dining room and even kitchen items to make them more accessible for wheelchairs or specific needs,” said innovator Risteski.

Following the trends, ie following the example of more and more organizations and social sectors that contribute to these people to integrate and function independently, the first person of the company carefully and in consultation with experts develops a concept that will complement the offer that is scarce to our market, and is intended for this vulnerable category of persons.

“Our mission is to carefully design and manufacture furniture in consultation with professionals regarding the people who need support. “This means that the whole family can enjoy,” said Risteski.

He emphasizes that they will be pioneers in this area, given that there are no shops, factories or importers of this type of furniture in the country, which is why parents, guardians must increasingly rely on existing solutions and adapt them.

“Furniture adapted to this category of people is not available in Macedonia, nor in the region. There are several companies that produce medical products (medical beds, chairs). There is no shop, no factory in the country, and no importer of a foreign manufacturer that treats this category of furniture. The goal is for us to offer high quality products, easily adaptable and available for the most vulnerable category. “Long-term plans are to offer these products in the region, through furniture fairs and medicine fairs,” explains Risteski.

The project will be implemented with financial support of 27,000 euros from the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development in the amount of through the call “Startup”.

“We are grateful that FITD enabled the realization of this project with financial assistance. Support is crucial and is of great importance for the development of our idea. So far we have excellent cooperation with the Fund and we hope to continue the cooperation with another project. With those funds, the technology for production is enabled, as well as the provision of the necessary raw materials for realization “, says Risteski.

Risteski shares his view that there is a need for more consistent regulation by law on the issue of accessibility of persons with disabilities to institutions and at the same time notes that this type of assistance is lacking in most institutions.

“There is not a single school capacity and not a single medical institution in Macedonia that had this type of aids in its offer for this category of people. There is no bank, no court, much less a municipal or republican institution that has introduced any kind of aid that would facilitate the visit or communication of this category of citizens with officials, something that we believe should be regulated by law. . “We hope that with the help of FITD we will become pioneers in providing these products in every affected home, in every affected institution,” Risteski optimistically predicts.

Commitments are advanced technologies, knowledge and experience to give their best to create conditions for psycho-physical development of people with physical disabilities to be fully included in society, to be independent to decide for themselves. At the same time, the products that the company is working on will be easy to handle independently and will have a wider purpose.

Initially, to reach customers, KMG Living will use social media and be in direct contact with rehabilitation and support centers and associations. The penetration of foreign markets is planned in the third year of the project.

The project fits into the company’s vision, which is to create a better daily life for as many people as possible.

The company was founded in 2017 and produces modern furniture to maximize the visual impression indoors through optimal use of colors, materials, light, taking into account the functionality of the space and creating a harmonious atmosphere. Offers ideal solutions for furniture and decorations for the home and workplace.

The company works in the field of production of kitchen furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, administrative buildings, and is known for its quality, modern design and timely delivery of the product designed to meet the needs, desires and tastes of customers.