FITD with support of young entrepreneurs within the "National competition of the best student companies"

Many innovative ideas, creative solutions and new energy were presented by the 130 high school students who participated in the “National competition of the best student companies for the academic year 2022/2023” organized by Junior Achievement Macedonia.

DFITD Festim Halili addressed the final event of the competition and congratulated the courage and effort put in by the students, who have the ambition to become future successful entrepreneurs. “I, as a person coming from the education sector, but also as the director of an institution with a mission to support all those who have creative ideas, I can say that a successful entrepreneur is one who never gives up, but instead is constantly looking for new challenges, new knowledge and experiences. That’s why I encourage you to never give up, but to follow your dream, your vision that will motivate and guide you through your journey. The experience you got by participating in this competition will allow you to learn how to manage projects and how to run a business, to work as a team and become financially independent” said Halili.

FITD is always here to support the creative potential of young people, through our instruments and programs, intended to support the innovative ideas of young entrepreneurs.

Organizations like Junior Achievement are especially important for our country, because they contribute to encouraging entrepreneurship, creative thinking and creating new jobs. This is evidenced by the fact that FITD, continuously for four years in a row, supports the largest high school innovation competition, which allows students to start with the basics of entrepreneurship and business.