FITD: A total of 4.4 million euros are allocated to support 86 domestic enterprises within the public call "Co-financed grants for technological development for accelerated economic growth"

Today, at a formal event, the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development announced the winners of the public call “Co-financed grants for technological development for accelerated economic growth”. With this call, a total of 4.4 million euros are allocated to support 86 domestic enterprises to implement their innovative projects.

The purpose of the call is to encourage companies to create conditions for overcoming the consequences of the economic crisis, to achieve accelerated growth, to increase competitiveness in international markets and resistance to pandemic and climate crises, through the introduction of new, innovative, advanced, “green” and digital technologies for their transformation.

“I am really glad that the family of FITD is increasing for 86 new enterprises and with this number, the portfolio of FITD counts 1,153 co-financed projects that have been implemented, are being implemented or will start to be implemented with projects with a total value of 130 million euros. This is a clear indication that the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development is a real home for all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that have innovative ideas and creative solutions, and I am really glad that from today we are starting a new entrepreneurial journey together that I am confident will result with great success” said Festim Halili, director of the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development.

The director of the Fund, Mr. Halili pointed out that with the funds from this call, domestic enterprises and private health institutions have the opportunity to develop new technologies and increase productivity and efficiency in their operations. From the total budget, FITD co-finances 4.4 million euros, while the users invest 2.7 million euros in the realization of the projects. With the realization of these projects, the total value of investments in the private sector based on this public competition exceeds 7 million euros.

As is usual with FITD instruments, the largest number of enterprises are micro (48%) and small enterprises (48%), while 4% are medium enterprises. The selected projects will work on projects mostly from the following industries: information technology, healthcare, technology industry, agriculture, hospitality, textile industry, construction, engineering, education, marketing, etc.

“I am particularly pleased that a solid percentage of the total number of those selected, 43% of the companies, are start-ups, young enterprises, which means that we have enabled the development of new ideas, businesses and projects. In fact, our mission is to encourage enthusiasts to turn their unique idea into reality, and for us to be their partners in the whole process. Additionally, the fact that women entrepreneurs showed a significant interest in starting an innovative project is encouraging, i.e. 46% of enterprises have a woman as owner or manager, and I personally hope that this trend will continue in the future and with other FITD instruments” said Halili.

On the public call that lasted from 27.03. until 05.05.2023, total 268 project proposals were submitted to domestic enterprises, but in accordance with FITD’s procedures for evaluating the received project proposals, the Committee for Approval of Investment made a decision to grant financial support to a total of 86 enterprises.