DFITRD Festim Halili at a panel discussion "Protecting privacy in a world governed by artificial intelligence"

Within the framework of the “Digital Transformation for Citizens” conference, the panel discussion “Protection of privacy in a world governed by artificial intelligence” was held, at which DFITD Festim Halili gave his address.

Artificial intelligence is the next inevitable step in the digital revolution and represents a huge opportunity and potential for small countries and especially for small companies – startups. The fact is that the number of startups that develop artificial intelligence in their products in our country is significantly small compared to the number at the global level, but there is no doubt that this industry has a great potential for development in our country, which should be encouraged through the creation of conditions for their development.

“As the beginning of our commitment to support this important sector, FITD has launched an initiative to create the first National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, which will encourage investments in artificial intelligence by startup companies. FITR also announced the first public call for a digital assistant based on artificial intelligence, which resulted in the “ADA” project of the Codwell company, designed for the needs of state aid programs, for which we will soon have a promotion. In FITD’s portfolio, we have so far supported nine companies in the field of artificial intelligence, in which FITR has invested over 750 thousand euros. We are proud of these companies that successfully work in the field of artificial intelligence and show every day that in Macedonia there is a place and conditions for the development of successful entrepreneurial stories,” said Halili.