DFITD Festim Halili in a several-day visit to the USA – meetings with senior representatives from the Congress of America

The director of the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, Festim Halili, is on a several-day visit to the United States of America, where he held several meetings with high-ranking representatives from the US Congress, at which the importance of mutual cooperation between the two countries in the field of innovation and technological development was emphasized.

DFITD Halili’s official visit to the US began with a meeting with David Beasley, former governor of South Carolina and director of the United Nations World Food Program (WFP). Mr. Besley is also a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, in recognition of his efforts to address world hunger. At the meeting, DFITD Halili spoke about the successful policies of FITD, the startup portfolio, but also the new initiatives undertaken by the Fund in the direction of encouraging green investments and increasing access to capital for Macedonian entrepreneurs.

Within the framework of the security forum on the topic “Malignant Chinese and Russian influence in the Balkans”, which was held in Washington, current political and development topics were discussed. During the forum, DFITD Festim Halili held a meeting with Congressman Pete Sessions, where the American work model, investment policies were presented and cooperation between the two countries was discussed, which will contribute to the growth and development of entrepreneurship, innovation and encouraging technological development. The USA is a real example of technological leaders, the achievements of this country are of great importance for the development of the technological industry on a global level. At the same time, DFITD Halili also held a meeting with Congressmen Tracy Mann and Kate Selff, with whom they discussed recent developments in the country and the region.

Yesterday, DFITD Halili attended the traditional annual prayer breakfast on Capitol Hill, which is organized by US President Joseph Biden, an annual gathering of leaders and prominent figures from the world, which affirms peace and mutual understanding. In his address, President Biden sent a message to strengthen friendships, mutual support and called for peace in the world.