2.3 million euros in financial support for startups, via the "Startup 5" call

The Fund for Innovation and Technological Development today announced the winners of financial support through the public call for “Co-financed grants for start-up and spin-off commercial companies”, through which 2.3 million euros are allocated for the development and encouragement of innovation among domestic entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses.

A total of 61 project applications (29 companies and 31 project teams) are supported through the “Startup – 5” call, which will begin the realization of their innovative ideas and business projects related to research and development. From the total budget of the call, 2.3 million euros are FITR’s investment, while 412 thousand euros are funds that will be invested by the companies themselves.

During the event, the director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Festim Halili, emphasized that he is really pleased with the fact that the support through the “Start Up” call has continuously increased over the years, so today, together with these 61 new projects, a total of 348 companies, i.e. 31% of the total supported companies from all FITR instruments that are implementing or will implement their business ideas.

Halili added that the Fund sees a really great potential in the ideas of young and innovative people, and proof of that is the opportunity that we introduced through the “Startup” call, for project teams to apply, which have an obligation of 30 days from the receipt of the notification and the selection to register their startup company.

I am really happy that this opportunity was used by 32 project teams, with which we managed to motivate these young people to translate their business ideas into a successful business, to encourage research and development, but also to keep young people developing here in our country . It is you, young people and your companies, who are the healthy core of the economy that will lead us forward, towards new beginnings and a better future. With this call, we have confirmed once again our commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and technology in our society,” said Halili.

At the “Startup” call, which is the fifth in a row, FITR received 363 project applications from companies and project teams, which speaks of the large number of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who, thanks to such instruments, feel the courage and boldness to start realizing their innovative ideas.

Based on the decision of the Investment Approval Committee, 61 projects have been selected for financing within the “Start Up” instrument, which will start implementing their innovative ideas and creative solutions from today.