The Macedonian company "Elysium Center" is developing a "smart" medical bed

“Smart” medical bed that will help people with disabilities and neurological diseases who are not mobile is the latest innovation that the company “Elysium Center” is working on. It is a completely Macedonian project, in which the team of “Elysium” develops the software and the appearance and performance of the bed. The unique idea comes from the personal connection of team members with a colleague who needs this type of bed. The smart bed will be on the market in a year, and we are talking about the opportunities and facilities that it will provide to the users with the head of the “Elysium Center”, Dimitar Shoshev.

Mr. Shoshev, explain the concept of the smart medical bed “Ilin”. What benefits will it offer to people with disabilities?

The smart medical bed is intended for people with disabilities who suffer from strokes, ALS or other neurological diseases that make it difficult for the body to move. It will be able to be controlled by voice or eye, for patients who are unable to move or speak, which will allow users to easily manipulate it in every aspect they need. Also, the person who will use the bed will be able, using the technology and software that will be built in, to automatically turn left and right while sleeping, to avoid the situation of creating decubitus wounds from the proposed lying down. Also, the smart bed will be able to be straightened in the form of an armchair and can be controlled by medical staff or close relatives, through a built-in tablet with a special application.

At what stage of development is the project currently?

The project is currently in the initial stage of development, given that we signed the agreement with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development in September. However, we expect very soon, in a few months, to get to the first prototype, ie the pilot version, and in a year the final version of the smart medical bed will be ready.

What type of technology does it use, what is the uniqueness of the first Macedonian smart medical bed?

The very idea of making a medical bed that will help the immobile people, will make their lives easier and will provide a better everyday life for them, but also for the people who take care of them, is innovative. The possibilities that the “Ilin” bed will have are unique in the world. In particular, it refers to the possibility for the person to automatically turn sideways left or right after a certain period. There is currently only one similar smart bed made in the USA, but it does not have this option and costs $ 45,000. Ours will have many more opportunities, and a much lower price. One of the advantages is the fact that the innovative bed can be used both in hospitals and at home. It will be easily portable, mountable and will move on wheels, which will make the person with a disability at home much more independent of loved ones, and they will have more time for the rest of the care they need to provide. The application that manages the bed will also offer users the opportunity to turn on or off lamps, air conditioning and more at home.

What are your plans for marketing this innovative device?

After the realization of the project for development of the software and the bed itself, we plan to continue the production here, which means that from the idea to the realization of the final product, this will be a Macedonian product. Apart from the fact that we plan to produce the smart medical bed in Macedonia, it will be primarily intended for our market. Of course, we plan to expand, and offer it first in the regional markets, and then beyond. This is a product that is not available not only in our country, but also in many European countries, so we are convinced that the interest will be great. The most important thing for us and our mission is to reach the people for whom it is intended as soon as possible and to help and provide a better life.