Meet Stella and Sani - the first Macedonian 3D animated characters

Stella and Sani are the little heroes of the first 3D animated videos intended for education and animation of children created by the Macedonian film production and post-production studio “Vertigo Visual” with the support of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development.

So far, this studio has worked on visual effects for more than 50 films from the Hollywood A list, popular box office hits and winners of numerous awards at prestigious international festivals, and on the occasion of its 15th anniversary of existence and successful work promoted its mega-project. Stella and Sani ”- a series of high quality original 3D videos in Macedonian and Albanian, intended for super-fun education of children through music and games.

This project comes at the right time, when the free imagination of children, and undoubtedly adults, is needed more than ever and is crucial for the development of a child in those extremely important years.

You can watch the first video of the series on the Youtube channel of “Stella and Sani”.

In it, the letters of the Macedonian alphabet are learned through song.

“The primary goal of this project is to create a new Macedonian and Albanian brand – domestic authorial content for animation and education of children up to 10 years old” – says Dejan Panovski, CEO of “Vertigo Visual”. However, we do not stop here: apart from these videos that we are really proud of, “Stella and Sani” will continue their adventures in all digital and printed formats. We are already working on the development of the Web platform, as well as applications, interactive games, coloring books… literally all the tools with which we can facilitate and make this everyday life colorful for both children and parents who will use “Stella and Sani” in the necessary education and animation of their youngest. “- adds Panovski.

An important part of the project itself is the publication of editions of children’s books in which, through quality home content, we develop reading habits in children from an early age. The books are worked on by renowned domestic authors, illustrators and creators, in order to create top editions that meet world standards.

We have engaged professionals in the writing industry such as Bistra Georgieva, Vinka Sazdova, Venko Andonovski, Jagoda Mihajlovska-Georgieva. With this project we will create three editions of books that will cover all categories of children’s literature, divided according to age groups from 1 to 15 years. “Today we are promoting the first picture book entitled” There is no place for an elephant in this balloon “, which can be found in the Bookstores of TRI and in our sales network” – says Ljubomir Sazdov from the Publishing Center Tri.

The project is supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development within the Public Call for co-financed grants for commercialization of innovations.

The Foundation, as part of its commitment to providing innovative learning models, supports innovative projects that aim to provide access to creative and quality content for generations who spend more time online. The videos from this series deal with different topics in an interesting and educational way in order to teach children the most basic things. Topics include: learning the Macedonian and Albanian alphabets, studying animals, encouraging personal hygiene and environmental protection habits, friendship and multiethnic coexistence, tolerance and friendship, learning colors, objects, environment, etc., both visually and productively meet the highest standards.

If you want to meet Stella and Sani and participate in their adventures, follow the Youtube channel and receive notifications for each new video. You will find some of the stories of the two heroes and ideas for games and learning on the Facebook page Stella and Sani and on the Instagram profile.