Delegation of the Fund for Innovation of Montenegro visiting FITD

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development hosted a two-day working meeting with the Fund for Innovation of Montenegro, where positive experiences from the work of both institutions were exchanged.

The representatives of the Fund for Innovations from Montenegro led by the President of the Board of Directors Vasilije Charapic and the Director of the Fund Bojana Femic-Radosavovic, were welcomed by the FITD team, where the programs and instruments for supporting innovative companies and development were presented to them.

At the meeting, FITD emphasized its main priorities for improved access to financial support for innovation, technology development and promotion and encouragement of innovation activity in North Macedonia.

Within the framework of the visit, the two institutions reviewed the processes, rules and procedures by which they work and exchanged experiences on these topics.

The topic of the working visit was the current and future activities of the Funds, and it was concluded that the mutual cooperation of the institutions from the countries of Southeast Europe is crucial for the development of the countries and that it will continue in the future.