, the first children's application for reading and listening to books in Macedonia, starts working!

A young team of enthusiasts created the first application, in order to encourage children to read more books, and to make the time spent in front of the screens of mobile devices useful, educational and fun. The project of the company Rating is supported by FITD within the call Startup 3.

Hundreds of e-books and audio books are available in Macedonian, English and Albanian, making learning fun for children from the youngest age of 3 to 16. The funniest Macedonian titles are part of Boxi’s library and the number is continuously growing. “Bibi’s World”, entertaining picture books, adventure stories, educational books, fables, educational readings from the world of animals, “Stella and Sunny”, “The Diary of a Shmokle”, “Eshka and Eshko”, “Itre the Badger”, “Mimbo” Jimbo” and many other books can be browsed on Boxy. The application is made to beautify the world of the youngest and finally awaken the love of literature and reading. Boxy represents a fusion between the world of games and the world of books. In the application, children can choose their own avatar and edit it with the coins collected from each book read. There is a small bunch of accessories / accessories for the avatar. The books read earn them coins with which they can win many prizes such as Robax cards, cinema and zoo tickets, toys and countless other joys.

In addition to books, educational quizzes will be available in this application to develop children’s intellect and curiosity, as well as an opportunity to compete with friends.

Read how the project started from a question and an idea to create an innovation that will help young people spend more useful time in front of screens: