19 Motors M electric moped

Share with us some information about your company… when it was established, primary activity, current customer or similar… or if it is newly established, what is the structure and by whom it was founded.

19 Motors M is a newly established company by Martin Spasovski. The goal of the company is development and production of electric vehicles. The Electric Moped project aims to develop our first product with which we will place on the market.

Can you tell us more about the project for which you received funding from FITD? What exactly is the project about?

The Electric Moped project supported by FITD aims to develop an electric moped for use in urban areas. The purpose of the moped is to facilitate a person’s fast-paced lifestyle.

The construction of the moped will be with a small mass and ergonomics that is related to the bicycle. This construction gives confidence and ease to people who will use a vehicle of this category for the first time, and have previously used a bicycle. It will also integrate technologies and features that will aim to facilitate daily responsibilities when moving in urban areas.

The production will be done by order of the clients based on their wishes and tastes for the aesthetic appearance. The design, performance and its features will be displayed when placing on the market.

How long and to what extent is it developing? When at the earliest can we expect MVP (minimum viable product) from the product available to the public?

The development of the company as well as its first product has been going on for a year. We are in the final phase with the software development and evaluation and we are preparing for the beginning of the phase for making a functional prototype.

We project the market placement for the beginning of the second quarter of 2021.

How much will the additional funding from FITD help you? In which parts of the project will the Fund’s finances help you more precisely?

The support from FITD is of great importance in the development of this project. These funds enable the salaries of the project team as well as the raw materials needed for the development of new technologies and the entire physical prototype.

Is the product / service you plan to develop for the domestic or international market? What is your primary target group?

Based on our product as well as the fast growing trend of electric vehicles, we believe that we have the opportunity to place on the international market.