The first Macedonian digital education platform -

The topic with the national platform is current at the moment, but we think it would be useful for your readers to know that there is an alternative product on the Macedonian market – the platform which has been operating since 2019 and serves more than 20,000 students in primary and secondary education.

The platform is the first digital platform in Macedonia. The product was developed by a young start-up team, supported by the Innovation Fund, and involved in the development are more than 30 professionals – including university professors, engineers, designers and professionals from other fields. JetMinds is not a product that is adapted from abroad, but it is a platform that is fully developed here in Macedonia, and which works to expand and export abroad.


The platform is available at the following link:


JetMinds submits and completes primary and secondary education material. Given that it is not the result of an anti-crisis measure, the platform has been developed for a long time and there is no compromise between quality and quantity. As mentioned, has over 20,000 students and the system has never crashed. Using JetMinds is largely free.


We would like to mention that JetMinds participated in the call of the Innovation Fund 

#ContributionsIt (#ПридонесиИти). At the same time, in the period when there was no online solution in the country, our team opened the JetMinds platform completely free of charge for all users with all functionalities.


At the beginning of the crisis, most of the media shared the news about JetMinds. We hope that now with your help the information will reach as many students as possible.