The first electric car in Macedonia was produced

Using electric vehicles, public transport would have zero negative impact on the environment

Every autumn the issue of air pollution becomes relevant. A problem faced by many citizens throughout our country. Residents of Tetovo and Skopje are particularly affected. Pollution caused by exhaust fumes from factory chimneys, the use of inappropriate materials for heating homes, old non-environmentally friendly cars, which overall affects having inadequate living conditions, which negatively affects the quality of life.

It is in this field that the Macedonian company BB Classic Cars has an alternative solution that can partially help reduce this problem. This company is the only one in the region that is certified for the transformation of conventional motors into electric motors. An electric motor that does not pollute and allows energy savings, and which with just one charge of the battery can travel 100 km, at a cost of only half a euro.

Skopje is one of the most polluted cities in Europe, and Milorad Kitanovski, manager of BB Classic Cars, sees the widespread use of this electric motor as a solution to reduce pollution. With the use of such vehicles in public transport, such as taxis, utility vehicles, etc. as public transport, would have zero negative impact on the environment of all these vehicles.

Pollution in Skopje, as in other cities, is a complex problem. The statistics are relentless and according to the latest measurements of pollution in our city, almost 30% of the total pollution comes from car exhaust systems. This is a really high percentage which indicates that we should all focus more on the use of electric cars, electric buses, electric delivery trucks, which have zero CO2 emissions and PM10 particles.

This innovative project is supported by FITD. Although originally conceived as a project to replace conventional Fiat 600 / Zastava 750 engines with electric motors, this project has a much wider application. This innovation does not only apply to those who have old cars, with which they are emotionally attached, so they can extend their life, but to all people, institutions that would like to have environmentally friendly vehicles, which are sustainable and economical.

BB Classic Cars as a company took a small step towards raising awareness among our fellow citizens and confirmed that each of us can contribute to a healthier environment in which we and our children live.

An electric car was created and a campaign was made to make everyone more responsible for the environment in which we live.