FITD with a new public call for young people "Challenge for young researchers 5"

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development today announced a new public call “Challenge for Young Researchers 5 – Green Projects” intended for students from all over the country, the purpose of which is to encourage creative thinking among young people and support research projects based on the scientific method.

The call is intended for all primary and secondary schools, which can apply with research projects in the field of natural and technical sciences, organized in teams of five to ten students led by one to two mentors. The research process should be based on the “scientific method”, that is, it should include the formulation, testing and confirmation / modification of a hypothesis through experiment and observation, and the results of the research project should be applicable in the preservation and improvement of the environment and biodiversity.

“Through this call, we want to emphasize that every student has the ability to be involved in the process of research activities. I believe that it is necessary to give young people a chance to encourage creative thinking, their potential that they possess, but also support in the development of innovative solutions for certain problems that we are facing. I am very pleased that FITD is implementing the “Challenge for Young Researchers” for the fifth time in a row, through which we have so far supported over 100 school projects and over 700 students and mentors”, said Festim Halili, director of the Innovation and Technology Development Fund.

Halili added that he expects great interest in the call, as before, and encouraged the young people to apply and jointly create successful projects that will have a positive impact on the preservation and improvement of the environment.

The total fund for this challenge amounts to 3 million denars, and the prizes will be divided into two categories, research projects from primary and secondary schools. The maximum budget for an individual project proposal should be up to 200,000 denars. For teachers who will lead the student teams, a reward in the amount of 30,000 denars will be provided, intended for the purchase of digital equipment that will be applicable in the teaching process.

Projects that have an interdisciplinary character, that foresee an inclusive approach in the formation of the teams, i.e. have equal gender representation, include children of different ethnicities, children with special needs, children of different ages, etc., are especially encouraged, as well as projects submitted by schools from rural areas.

The activities provided in the project proposal should correspond to research and development activities, that is, the project proposal should include activities that will test the defined hypothesis through experiment and observation.

Each project proposal that will arrive within the framework of the public call will be evaluated according to the quality of the project, applicability of the research results, compliance of the project proposal with the objectives of the public call and the capacity of the project team.

All young enthusiasts who have an idea and ambition should submit their proposed projects by November 2, 2022, by 2:00 p.m. In order to support the teams in the process of preparing project proposals, FITR will organize several info sessions. All additional information regarding the call can be obtained at:предизвик-за-млади-истражувачи-5/