International Call for Selection of Member of the Committee for Approval of lnvestments

Pursuance  with Article  31, paragraph 3 of  the  Law  on  Innovations (Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia  No. 79/2013, 137/2013, 41/2014, 44/2015, 6/2016 and 53/2016), the Management  Board  of the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development  Skopje announces

International Call for Selection of
Member of the Committee for Approval of lnvestments of the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development

Information about the Institution:

The Fund for innovations and technology development aims to promote and stimulate innovation activities, improve the access to financial support for innovations, develop of infrastructure for innovations and technological development and foster development of partnerships between academia, research community and private sector in the Republic of Macedonia. The Fund will stimulate innovation activities and their inclusion in the mainstream private sector (commercialization) in order to build a competitive, knowledge-based economy.

The Fund will pursue its objectives  by providing  co-financing  grants for start-ups and spin-off companies  co-financing grants for technology  transfer,  co-financing grants and conditional  loans  for commercialization  of innovations, co-financing grants for establishment, operation and investments of Business-Technology Accelerators, equity and mezzanine  investments,  and support  for establishment of private investment funds. The Fund will announce a separate public call for each award of funds for innovative projects.

The Fund is seeking member of the Committee for Approval of Investments who is to be selected and discharged by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Members of the Committee for Approval of Investments (“the Committee”) will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To  consider,  evaluate   and  approve   project  proposals   submitted  to  them  for all instruments for support  provided  by the  Fund,  including proposal  for selection  of   the  Management   company   for  the  Fund  for  equity  and  mezzanine   investments   and  proposal  for support for establishing  private investment funds.
  • To make decisions for awarding of funds under the support instruments,
  • To hold Committee sessions for every public call for awarding funds

The term of office for Committee member is 2 (two) years.

The members of the Committee will be adequately remunerated for their work in the Committee and their travel costs will be covered.

Selection criteria

Candidates for member of the Committee must meet the following criteria:

  • Should be experts with at least ten (10) years of international experience in the area of investments in innovations.  Experience in private business will be given preference;
  • Should have at least university (bachelor’s) degree.  Advanced  degrees  (Masters  or PhD) in economics,  business  administration,   finance,  public  policy,  science  and  engineering will be given preference;
  • Should have excellent written and spoken communication skills in English. Knowledge of Macedonian and/or another official language of the European Union will be considered an advantage;
  • Should be flexible in terms of business travel to the  Republic of Macedonia for the purpose  of participating  in meetings of the Committee;  and
  • Should not be subject to security measure for prohibition to perform profession, activity or duty and criminal law proceedings.

In addition to the above, applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • Possession of in-depth understanding of innovation related activities and keeping  up with the latest developments in innovation related activities;
  • Excellent business judgment and evaluation and analytical decision-making skills;
  • Ability for team work and respecting deadlines;
  • Knowledge of the economic conditions in developing countries.

Applicants should submit their CVs with an attached recent photograph and a letter of motivation written in English language no later than 26 August, 2016 to the following address: Government of the Republic of Macedonia Blvd. llinden, n.2 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia and/or to  The letter is to be referenced to Meri Atanasovski, authorized person for receipt of applications.

Applicants are to clearly state their nationality in their applications. Applications must not exceed five pages.

Note: Applications will be evaluated by an independent and professional commission. All applicants who fulfill the selection criteria will be contacted.