Health / Prevention


The company Clean Max, which is financially supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development- FITD, has provided the kindergartens in the municipality of Karpos with a free one-time service, i.e. disinfection and sanitation of all mattresses in all kindergartens in the municipality. This donation aims to provide additional protection for the most vulnerable category, children in kindergartens, from the possible development of allergies or allergic reactions. The company offers free disinfection in the other kindergartens of the City of Skopje and for that purpose they will turn to the Municipalities for its realization, but also publicly call all private kindergartens that are interested in contacting them.

The company Lotus Fiore, although not a FITD user, has also decided to join the #You can contribute too# campaign. During the fight against the new situation with the Covid-19 virus, they are donating some of their products (room disinfectants, masks and hygienic wipers), in order to protect children and staff in the SOS Children's Village Macedonia.


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The company LUXICO DOOEL from Sveti Nikole, which is financially supported by FITD, has produced a mobile UV sterilizer that serves for complete sterilization of interior rooms with UV rays and will be donated to the health institution where it is most needed.

The sterilizer is 1.5m high, 0.5m wide and uses 4 ultraviolet germicidal holes (UV-C) with a length of 60cm placed vertically to distribute light of 360 degrees. UV-C rays destroy bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces, and the installed power is suitable for disinfecting a room of 30m2 for a period of 30 minutes. The device is mobile and can be moved around the premises with the help of installed wheels and uses the built-in battery as a power supply. Switching on and off can be manual, remote control or mobile application.

The company "Zito Prom" from Gevgelija, which is financially supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, in cooperation with the International School "Nova", have donated protective medical equipment, i.e. masks, visors and protective suits for the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases & Febrile Conditions in Skopje and the General Hospital-Gevgelija. They have also provided a monthly supply of croissants for all 170 employees of the Clinic for Infectious Diseases, 110 socially disadvantaged families in Gevgelija and the Red Cross in Skopje (for 40 people working in mobile teams, 150 homeless, 150 children on the street and 70 elderly and frail people who are unable to leave their homes during this period). In addition, they have also funded the purchase of 700 masks, 30 visors and 120 protective suits for both healthcare institutions.

The company "Vigo Digo" from Kocani, financially supported by FITD, amidst the fight with Covid-19 has developed a mobile application that provides a range of data on the pandemic and measures to protect against the spread of the virus. The platform offers its users the opportunity to follow the spread of the virus in their environment, without violating the right to privacy and security of personal data. The company says that the application is set as open source, which means that the entire IT community in our territory can help upgrade its code, which guarantees that it will not be used for other purposes other than protection and improvement of the health condition of our citizens. The application is offered free of charge to the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia and is available for both Android and iOS users.

The Fund for Innovation and Technological Development has canceled the annual tender for the procurement of beverages and food products. These budget funds have been reallocated to the University Clinic for Pediatric Diseases in Skopje. FITD has delivered protective suits, medical goggles and gloves to the Clinic for the protection of medical staff and patients.

The company “Innovation”, financially supported by FITD, has implemented the ECG Alert project, which has provided ECG remote sensing sensors and developed telemonitoring software. According to the latest recommendations, patients undergoing home treatment, as well as the cured ones, should be monitored in the following period, with different types of ECG telemetry. “Innovation” donated 10 ECG sensors and free software use for the period of the crisis, so doctors can monitor patients remotely without physical contact.

“Alkaloid AD Skopje”, financially supported by FITD, has donated 12,300,000 MKD (200,000 EUR) to the special donations account of the Macedonian Ministry of Health created for the purposes of dealing with the health crisis

While resources are still being consolidated in the process of dealing with the strong impact of the Covid-19 virus, Alkaloid AD Skopje, despite all the logistical and resource challenges, has decided to reduce the prices of its 158 most needed products, probably by every Macedonian household: pharmaceutical brands such as Analgin, Caffetin, Proculin, Betadine, Acerola, Blockmax, Bronles, body temperature lowering drugs, certain supplements, various vitamins and dietary supplements, sanitary cleaners from the Gloss collection, all disinfectants, antiseptics, antibacterial agents and other similar products.

The company "Vitalia", financially supported by FITD, has donated packages of healthy food and protective equipment for the medical staff from the University Clinic For Infectious Diseases & Febrile Conditions in Skopje.

For the entire medical staff, the company is donating sets of healthy products to help people maintain good psychophysical condition as well as protective equipment needed in the fight against the corona virus

The company “Angor AG”, financially supported by FITD, is offering:

HEALTH eGuard - a system for preventive health care in the new situation related to the COVID-19 virus. It is a special cloud and mobile version of the system, free use, through which GPs can monitor the health of their patients without obliging them to come to their offices. Through a mobile application, patients will be able to send temperature and pressure data (measured at home), and GPs will have a complete insight into the parameters for each patient through the cloud application. Contact for requesting the opening of an account for GPs and short training for system use:

Primary school "Krste Misirkov" -Kumanovo, financially supported by FITD with the project "Print your fantasy", will convert the purchased 3D printer provided for the realization of the project for the production of visors. Current and former students of the school will print visors for protection against the Covid-19 virus, to doctors and medical staff from the General Hospital in Kumanovo. With hard work of 18 to 20 hours a day, the team produces 60 to 70 pieces a day.

“Frotirka Company”, financially supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, will donate 1,000 face masks to the Ministry of Health, which will be distributed to clinics and institutions where needed.

The Macedonian company “Vauron”, financially supported by FITD

Has donated 10 air purifiers to the University Clinic for Infectious Diseases in Skopje, to the department for patients with coronavirus, thus directly contributing to the fight against the spread of this virus. The company informs that the multi-layer Hepa H13 filter used by the purifiers of this company cleans the air from the Corona virus. According to the research, the SARS-CoV-2 has an average size of 0.125 micrometers that cannot be detected by the sensors because it is very small, but it can be trapped by the filter.

Confection “Kuli”-Prilep appeals:

The confectionery “Kuli” from Prilep, financially supported by FITD, in this difficult period wants to help in the national efforts in dealing with the corona virus.

They offer help, i.e. free preparation of medical masks for protection. The labor costs will be fully borne by them, and the company notes that they can also bear part of the costs of supplying the basic material for making. “We ask the companies whose activity is the production of protective masks or other collaborators that want to join the realization of this process, to contact the manager of the confectionery “Kuli”, Aleksandar Marinovski (070 308 603) in order to establish cooperation of interest to each of us”!

The company "Gifti Tex" from Prilep, financially supported by FITD, showed solidarity with the health workers and in this situation will help with the production of protective masks for the needs of the citizens. This initiative is supported by the relevant institutions, and the masks will be distributed in the competent institutions as a complete donation from "Gifti Tex". The companies "Stan MK" and "Kuli" from Prilep also joined the initiative