Termination of financing companies that are on the PRO list for unpaid minimum salary from state aid

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development has publicly announced its termination of the project realization of companies that are on the (PRO) the Public Revenue Office list for unpaid minimum wages from state aid.

These are three active projects, one of which has been paid funds so far (Geri Van Simon DOOEL), and which are being monitored by an international audit company. For the active projects of the other two companies (MST Solution and Lini 08 DOOEL) so far no funds have been paid from the Fund.

This act follows the published data from the PRO and the General Secretariat of the Government, which indicate inappropriate attitude of these companies towards their workers, especially during the global pandemic with COVID 19. This has a serious impact on the companies’ reputation as well as on their capacity to implement the planned projects. The capacity and as well as the wider impact of the projects are part of the criteria for evaluation and granting financial support from the Fund.

The decision regarding further status of these projects will be made by the Investment Approval Committee of the Fund, and after the completion, by the competent institutions in charge of realization of the state aid for minimum wage.

The Fund for Innovation and Technology Development implements strict procedures for protection of the public interest and assets, which applies to all users, without exception.