The project for digitization of over five million original records from the Institute for Macedonian Language "Krste Misirkov" begins

Within the project “Always, now and forever” of the domestic company “Inbox“, for the first time will be enabled digitization of more than five million original records, over five hundred years old, available at the Institute “Krste Misirkov”. The solution was selected within the public call “Digitization of files at the Institute of Macedonian Language Krste Misirkov”, which was implemented by the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of North Macedonia, in order to adequately protect and promote the Macedonian cultural heritage.

The project in scope includes nine files with uniquely expressed records, which are currently stored in cardboard boxes, inadequately protected from all forms of risks of damage and destruction. The file contains hundreds of thousands of words from old manuscripts written for centuries in Macedonian churches and monasteries, several million leaflets used in the everyday speech of the Macedonian people, i.e, dialects characteristic of over 400 settlements. The documents also contain hundreds of thousands of ballots with written names, surnames and nicknames of the Macedonians, as well as names of populated or uninhabited places – toponyms. The project will also digitize millions of leaflets with beautiful Macedonian words from the standard and the vernacular language, which have one or more meanings.

The “Inbox“ solution will provide instant and unlimited availability as well as the ability to connect files digitally. Digital images will be processed in a permanent format, metadata and linked in logical units. Eventually, the digital records will be converted into originals. Multiplication of formats in three different forms is envisaged, each with different characteristics and resistance to all risks, which will provide permanent protection.

“When you take into account what kind of cultural heritage it is, you will easily conclude how important this project is. Through its activities and public calls, the Fund shows that digitalization is not only the introduction of technology but also great facilitation, change and streamlining of processes. Future generations will live in a technologically more developed world and in this way the Macedonian language and national wealth will remain permanently available to them in formats that are close to them. After the two calls for digitalization of public institutions in 2021, next year the Fund will develop a new portfolio of Challenges which will enable digitalization and creation of digital tools for public institutions in the country. ” said Kosta Petrov, director of the Fund for Innovations and Technology Development.

According to the rules of the public call, the implementation of the project can be up to 12 months. Based on justified circumstances, the Fund may approve the extension of the project implementation for up to 6 months.

The evaluation and selection committee that made the final decision on financing the project proposal consisted of: one representative each from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and FITD, as well as two experts in the field of challenge.

“Inbox” – Archive Data Center, has existed for more than ten years and works with an innovative model for archiving and managing physical and electronic documents. Based on the American IT platform, the operating model enables perfect organization of documents throughout their life cycle from the moment they are created, giving its users fast and consistent access, smooth use and most importantly – safe and secure workflows.