How important is real time marketing for your brand’s succees?

Another #FITRClassroom was successfully held with Bjorn Trovery, one of the main people who manages the communications on Facebook, who shared valuable tips&points how to create a successful "real time marketing" strategy. Participants had a great opportunity to hear real-life experiences from Facebook's greatest communications expert and get answers to many questions.

How important it is to have a real time marketing strategy for your brand’s success in certain industry, Bjorn presented to participants through a practical example and real experience of the RedStripes brand from Jamaica, which used a real situation to connect with a particular event and thanks to the quick reaction of the marketing team, they have achieved a great success and a greater brand recognition. "Non-traditional marketing also means non-traditional PR tactics," Bjorn said. He shared some important points in creating a "real time marketing" strategy:

  • Speed, it is especially important to be fast and first in achieving the goal, ie "If not us, then someone else will do it" Puma;
  • Start small, than pull in the full cross-functional team (marketing team, HR team, legal sector, etc.)
  • Keep abreast of big, culturallly relevant moments/ events, stories can/will happen;
  • Find your link to the news and run with it
  • Do not be too greedy, sometimes you really need to invest in a certain job to succeed.

The webinar ended with an interactive session with numerous questions on the topic, where the participants had a great opportunity to get expert answers to

We invite you to another interesting #FITRClassroom which will take place on March 3, at 19.00h on the ZOOM platform. You will have a great opportunity to meet James Gregson, Digital Marketing Director at LEGO, who will speak on the topic: "How to create engaging content for your social media audience."

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