Spasovski-Petrov: We are working on legislative changes for digital nomads

The Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski held a work meeting with the director of the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development Kosta Petrov, in which they discussed the providing legal preconditions, or changing the legislation to enable the so-called remote operation of persons within the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. The meeting was attended by the State Secretary in the Ministry of Interior Magdalena Nestorovska, as the project manager. 


Lately, there has been a growing world trend to attract these people, primarily out of economic interest, because in this way they would spend in the Republic of North Macedonia the funds they earn in other countries, for example in the European Union or the United Kingdom. Such programs have an economic impact because they are foreigners with higher incomes, who rent apartments in the country, spend the funds in our country and become part of the business system. Currently, countries such as Croatia, Georgia and others have developed programs to attract these people, who usually work in the ITC sector and online and so are not tied to office work or a single location. By amending the law on foreigners, these persons will be allowed legal residence in the country for a longer period and thus they would spend the earned funds in our country.     

The Minister Spasovski emphasizes that they already formed a working group within The Ministry of Interior (MVR) which is focused on proposals for changing the legislation and that the ministry is dedicated to implementing this project which will be beneficial for our economy. The Director Petrov, on the other hand, pointed out that he would create European conditions and standards and contribute to the so-called "Digital Nomads", including top foreign entrepreneurs and experts, to enable them to work from our country, which is only part of the vision of FITD for the Republic of North Macedonia to become a regional startup hub