Six million denars for innovations of the best elementary and high school students

An event was held today in the Government of the Republic of N. Macedonia on the occasion of signing the agreements for 34 projects of primary and secondary schools, which were awarded within the Program "Challenge for Young Researchers 2", FITR and the Ministry of Education and Science.

The two winning projects, were presented at the ceremony by the students from the first prize primary school "Dame Gruev" from Bitola and the first prize high school "Vanco Prke" from Vinica.

The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of N. Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, addressed the ceremony. He point out that the government is committed to supporting young researchers, in order to realize their ideas and realize their creative solutions to everyday problems and issues that we all face.

"By building themselves as leaders and realizing their dreams here, at home, young people are building the economic future of our country, N.Macedonia. We need young researchers and I want to thank you, respected professors and mentors, for recognizing and developing their creative potential, "Zaev added.

With a total fund of 6 million denars and an additional 30,000 denars for the mentors of students who are part of this project this year stimulates creativity and opens a new dimension for both elementary and high school students.

The director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, Jovan Despotovski during the ceremony said that FITR has been implementing a Challenge for young researchers for the second year. "With over 10 million denars we support projects of 54 primary and secondary schools across the country in which over 300 students and 130 mentors work on research projects in various fields. Anyone who sees these young children can rightly say that a serious state as we want to be and strive to become must provide support for them," Despotovski added.