Propoint, a green company that reduced solar CO2 emissions by 470 tons in one year by installing solar panels

Propoint is one of the best printing houses in Macedonia and has been introducing technological innovations on the market for 24 years by continuously investing in new technologies from top European and world manufacturers.

 In parallel with investments in offset and digital printing, as well as roll labels, increasing capacity and quality, they are constantly thinking about the energy sustainability of the company. Through the latest investments and investments in the changes of the way of working, Propoint is approaching the level of “100% green company”, which gives its positive contribution to the climate change.

In “Propoint” we met and talked with Aleksandar and Filip Hristovi, owners and managers of the company.

Last year, the printing house, co-financed by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, invested in a solar power plant with a capacity of 425 kilowatt hours. They use the obtained energy for their own needs.

The total production of electricity in 2019 was about 500 MWh, which contributed to 470 tons of CO2 reduction of carbon dioxide.

“We are very pleased with the decision to invest in the solar power plant, which is made of quality solar panels with a large capacity for the use of solar energy, even in conditions and periods when there are not many sunny days.”

Where did the motivation to enter such a project come from?

Two motivations were very important in the decision for this investment. One is of economic nature, ie reduction of operating costs based on the cost of electricity. The second motivation is the awareness of the impact of our work on the environment and climate change. Guided by the motivations and the positive one-year experience of using solar energy, our next investment emerged, which is electric vehicles for distribution of printed materials to our buyer. Chargers are in place, vehicles have arrived.

With this measure, Propoint is approaching the set goal, to be a “100 percent green company”, to make a serious contribution to reducing pollution and reducing the negative effects on climate change, and we hope to raise the awareness of the entire population. About seven years is the payback period for the solar power plant.

Also an important fact that I want to emphasize is that we use very sophisticated machines and environmentally friendly printing inks which we try to influence to reduce pollution.

Apart from intensive investments in projects based on energy saving and pollution reduction, what else makes Propoint unique in the market?

The quality of the products from our printing house, which is contributed by 65 employees, is definitely the feature that we are recognizable and proud of. And not only investing in technology, we must mention that in recent years we have invested in our own workspace – production plant, offices and warehouse with a total area of 5200 m2.

The printing business worldwide is under the influence of the increasing processes of digitalization. How does Propoint deal with these trends?

Yes, it is true that the printing industry is facing serious challenges. Our advantage is that we closely monitor the development and continuously invest in new machines and advanced technology that adapts to the new needs and demands of the market. These trends are aimed at increasing the demand for cardboard packaging and roll labels.

The planet’s population is growing and the demand for packaging is growing. In the context of the global campaign to eliminate the use of plastic, which is considered the biggest polluter at the moment, the demand for paper and cardboard packaging is growing.

The structure of the demand for printing services is practically changing, but we follow the development and the trend and focus on the part where the demand grows.