Presentation of 28 project proposals for dealing with climate change O2 / 2

Twenty eight out of total of 39 project proposals continue in the stage of final selection of the public call for tackling climate change 02-2 which is implemented by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development in cooperation with the UN Development Programme, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning of North Macedonia, as well as two partner organizations, the Kayama Center for Sustainable Design from Israel and the organization Macedonia 2025.

These projects within the next three days, starting from today, will be presented to the Evaluation and Selection Committee, consisted of representatives of partner organizations and external experts.

The projects offer solutions to the global problem of climate change and aim to reduce the negative impacts to public health. The implementation of these solutions is expected to contribute to reducing the overall costs of public funds, which are caused by pollution. The projects are being evaluated according to five criteria: environmental impact and climate change management, degree of innovation, quality of the project proposal, capacity of the project team or consortium and market potential.

It is worth noting that 3/4 of these projects come from applicants that apply for the first time on FITD public calls, which shows high interest and trust of companies and organizations in the procedures that are implemented. In a recent FITD’s survey, the majority of companies stated that the evaluation procedures and criteria are clear and understandable for application. 

The public call will finance projects up to a maximum amount of 30,000.00 (thirty thousand) euros. To this funds the applicant should provide a minimum of 15% own funding for the projected activities.

Special prizes are provided for three of the companies in the final selection, such as a study trip to Israel- “Start-up Nation & Mentorship”, which is a novelty in this public call. This offers the opportunity for meeting and exchanging experiences with leading companies, accelerators and hubs in the field of high technology and sustainability, and the award will be provided by Kayama Center for Sustainable Design from Israel and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel 

Macedonia 2025 provides an extensive partnership agreement for future mentoring, consulting or other services during the project implementation, for one of the teams in the final selection phase.