Better environment, priority of the concept of circular economy

The concept of circular economics was presented at the last #FITRClassroom by Adam Mitchell Heggs, an expert in the development of the concept of circular economics, an expert on innovation and corporate ventures. At the webinar, participants received tips and practical examples of how companies can improve the process of circular economy, how important it is and what are the benefits of its application.

The growth of industries globally, the great exploitation of raw materials, the growth of population and waste have contributed to great changes that endanger human life. All this has contributed to the creation of a toxic environment and large amounts of waste, which can not be recycled, to climate change and etc. The priority of the circular economy is aimed at eliminating the high consumption of natural resources and creating circular systems that use resources more efficiently and sustainably, while providing new jobs, economic growth and higher quality of life.

"A well-created concept of circular economy has a great contribution to creating a better environment. All companies should focus on adapting to new business models, creating a better future for the whole society and cooperating with the ecosystem. "Companies need to identify opportunities and join the concept of a circular economy, while following the rule: take less, create more, spend less," said Adam Mitchell Heggs.

The webinar ended with a presentation of practical examples by Adam Mitchell Heggs, of well-known and globally companies that use the concept of circular economy and provide a better society for all.