Support for over 150 students from all over the country for innovative green projects

A total of nineteen primary and secondary schools across the country will implement green projects to preserve and promote the environment and biodiversity. The projects were awarded within the public call "Challenge for young researchers # 4 - green projects", implemented by the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

The first ranked primary school this year is the primary school "Grigor Prlichev" from Ohrid with the project "The impact of the use of alternative energy sources on preserving a healthy ecological environment", while the secondary school is the first ranked primary school "St. Naum Ohridski" from Ohrid with the project "Electric watercraft".

"With the fourth challenge for young researchers, we have once again confirmed that in the country we have a really large number of talented students who only lack the chance to realize their innovative ideas. These projects will involve about 150 students and 38 mentors and over 70% of the awarded schools are supported for the first time by FITD. I am really proud that such an example are the schools from Ohrid that applied for the first time and are also ranked first in both categories. For the first time, schools from Zrnovci, Gevgelija, Valandovo, Resen and Suto Orizari were awarded. What is encouraging is that young people have shown high environmental awareness, a desire for research and teamwork as well as a need to acquire new skills. That is why the Fund continues to create challenges and programs that will make positive changes for future generations from which we will create successful future entrepreneurs, "said Kosta Petrov, director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development.

The total budget provided for the public call is three million denars, while the funds provided for an individual project proposal are a maximum of 200,000 denars. The teachers who lead the awarded teams, for the successfully implemented project will receive a reward in the total amount of 30,000 denars, which they can use to purchase a personal computer, tablet, printer or other type of digital equipment applicable in the teaching process.

"Young people are by nature researchers. Our obligation as the Ministry of Education and Science, in creating policies and supporting projects is to nurture and encourage the research potential of students, which further, through education can be upgraded. That is why we provide more resources, change the approach and create opportunities for our elementary, high school and college students to show their creativity, critical thinking and value-added skills. It makes me very happy to see the smiling faces of the award-winning young researchers at this, for the fourth time in a row, challenge that we organized together with the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development. I wish them to be winners in all further challenges and together with their peers to be generations that will make our beautiful country proud that it has," said Minister of Science and Education Mila Carovska.

In the selection of projects, projects with interdisciplinary character have an advantage, which provide for an inclusive approach in the formation of teams, ie have equal gender representation, include children of different ethnicity, children with special needs, children of different ages, etc., and are submitted by rural schools.

The Commission for selection and decision-making was composed of representatives from the secondary education sector at the Ministry of Education and Science, the Bureau for Development of Education, the Association for Encouraging and Preparing Young People for Success in the Global Economy Junior Achievement Macedonia, UNICEF and FITD.

The Challenge, which lasted from March 17 to April 20, 2021, we have received 79 project proposals. The list of awarded schools is available at /

So far, 109 school projects have been supported under the four public calls "Challenge for Young Researchers".