Among the companies that are not beneficiaries of co-financed grants of FITD but were encouraged to join the #You Can Contribute Too campaign, is the company RollsoftRSM (https://rollsoft.com/,) which offers solutions to improve the liquidity of business entities. It is a software platform based on a precise algorithm by which many entities compensate their claims and liabilities within an organized compensation cycle.

The high degree of reliability is based on applied artificial intelligence and reduces the possibility of error to zero. The platform offers easy steps to use starting from the registration of the company in the system, until the final settlement of claims and liabilities. The data entered by the companies are fully protected in accordance with the legislation of our country. In this complex period for the domestic economy, RollsoftRSM provides support in the form of service with 0% calculated commission for the first realized settlement. The offer refers to all business entities that will be registered as of August 31, 2020.

Javen Advertajzing from Bitola, co-financed by FITD, has joined the appeal #You can contribute too, during the Covid-19 crisis, offering free digital marketing services, i.e. free promotion on every business on their website www.javen.mk

The companies that will promote themselves on their site will have their own business site (mini-web site) and the opportunity to be searched and viewed. At the same time, all businesses that are part of www.javen.mk will get their constant promotion on social networks. https://www.facebook.com/javen.mk/

The company Kjupik, financed by FITD, amidst the situation with Covid-19, has decided to support the local traders as well as those from Kosovo, Lithuania and Latvia by opening its platform without limits or compensation, in order to help their sell and their communication with the customers, thus avoiding the printed flyers.

On Wednesday, April 15, Kjupik will launch a new Android version with several channels for communication and education of consumers regarding the corona situation. Additionally, through these channels, all traders will be able to communicate their condition, congestion, inventories, etc. All channels will be available for free.

The company Mobidonia, financially supported by FITD, has developed the platform https://naracaj.me/ where every restaurant, boutique, store, i.e. every company can create its own free online store and receive online orders. The project is designed to help small businesses.

The company MM Disoski, user of the financial support from FITD and developer of the advertising platform Mobi Promo, https://mobi-promo.com/landing/mp/mk/, as a socially responsible company, has put the platform in function with the purpose of educating and informing the citizens regarding the new situation with the Corona virus. Together with its partner portals (Makedonski Vesnik, Espreso, Sloboden Pecat, Pa Censurë, Lokalno, Biznis Info, Kafe pauza, Albasport, Taratur, Supersport, Sportski), Mobi Promo has run the free campaign "Find out about Covid 19", offering direct access to the site of the Ministry of Health, and a direct link to the section on CORONA virus. http://zdravstvo.gov.mk/korona-virus/.

The company Gevino

Financially supported by FITD, is delivering all its products free of charge on the territory of the City of Skopje, regardless of the value of the order, starting form 18.03.2020 until the end of the Covid crisis. You can place orders through its Facebook profile.