More favorable and more affordable products and services for micro, small and medium enterprises provided by Komercijalna Banka and Innovation and Technological Development Fund

Komercijalna Banka and the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (ITDF) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, making the Bank’s financial resources and services even more favorable and accessible for micro, small and medium enterprises, including start-up companies. With its offer, Komercijalna Banka will provide the companies in this segment not only with the opportunity for financial support of their investment projects, but also with advice and a number of other benefits in using the Bank’s products and services.

The offer includes the possibility to finance the own participation of the companies- ITDF grant beneficiaries, or to finance successfully evaluated investment projects that do not use the ITDF grant due to limited funds of the Fund. Komercijalna Banka will provide credit support to these legal entities with reduced interest rates in relation to the Bank’s Interest Rates Policy.

As clients of Komercijalna Banka, they will have the opportunity to open a basic / special purpose account free of charge and to use Internet banking and mobile banking without additional subscription. At the same time, in the first three months, they will be able to make internal payments in the domestic payment operations free of charge. They also have an opportunity to be issued a debit card for legal entities, available to them without an annual membership fee for the first year. Foreign currency payment operations are also available with significantly reduced fees, and they will receive preferential commissions for overdraft facility on the company’s transaction account.

To complete the user experience, the clients of Komercijalna Banka also have the privilege to be provided training for Internet Bank and mBankaCo, as well as for an e-commerce platform. The business advices provided by our employees regarding credit-guarantee operations and on international trade financing when concluding export or import transactions shall be free of charge and available at any time.