Liridon Ali - graphic designer who through art influences social change

Art and culture have always been used to send certain messages and to create a certain influence. And graphic design is one of the cultural forms that has been increasingly imposed in recent years and through which young and creative minds send certain messages.

One of those designers is Liridon Ali from Tetovo who with the support of FITD develops his own graphic studio for design and printing, and is a young author who wants change and who bravely opposes all stereotypes. It was his designs and the messages he sent that sparked public interest.

How much power and power does a design have to send a socially responsible message?

With communication design, you create not just a design but also a specific message. A message with a specific purpose and intention to reach the desired audience. Graphic design even in certain situations has more power to influence than the written words themselves. It is no coincidence that people are much more responsive to visual forms, which attract their attention.

You have graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Design in the country, and you continued your education in Amsterdam. How much did staying abroad open new horizons and perspectives for you?

Yes, I was in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Arts, on two occasions, three months later, through exchange programs. There I had the opportunity to meet a new culture, to feel a new artistic energy for me, to experience a new culture that knows no stereotypes and boundaries. Or as one of my professors put it, “A destination is never a place, but a new way of looking at things.” The new environment also means learning new things, new ideas and practices that, if left closed in your local environment, may not happen. Staying abroad is a real opportunity to upgrade, to try something new, to increase artistic self-confidence.

Is there a trend in graphic design in recent years?

Yes, it is the so-called Flat Design or design with muted colors.

It is used a lot lately, because it allows the design to look brighter, emphasizes simplicity, and at the same time impresses.

Can you point out one or two projects that you have worked on and that have especially fulfilled you?

My T-shirt designs are certainly something that makes me especially proud, but there is also the complete design and brand identity that I created for the Modi Mall & Modi Living project in the Skopje neighborhood Butel, which turned out great.

When it comes to design, do customers suggest something to you or do they trust your product and leave it up to you to create?

I have different experiences. Sometimes clients suggest, other times they leave it to me, but in general most have confidence and therefore want to work together. The most important thing is that in the end good designs come out.


What is your message to young designers who want to start their own graphic design studio?

Be brave and determined. It is not easy, it takes commitment and desire, many working hours during the day, but it is certainly worth the investment!