Co-financed grants for vocational training and practice for newly employed young people



The purpose of the Instrument is to provide financial support to enterprises that meet the eligibility criteria of this rulebook on professional development and practice of newly employed young people who meet the requirements of this Rulebook

This Instrument provides support for the following types of investment activities:

 vocational training and internship for the Applicant's Final Beneficiary (including the Fast Track Management Program); and vocational training and practice for the Final Beneficiary of the support from the Organizer

Through this Instrument, the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development (hereinafter: "the Fund") provides financing up to 30% (thirty percent) of the total budget of an investment project, but not more than 1.000.000,00 Denars (one million Denars) per applicant.

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the Final Beneficiary are:

  • to be under the age of 29 years and not to have reached 30 years at the time of application;
  • to be employed with the applicant not less than 6 months at the time of the application,
  •  to be a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia
  • if it has already been the Final Beneficiary of support through this Instrument to another legal entity, 24 months have elapsed since the end of the project supported by this Instrument within which it is called as the Final Beneficiary of the support.