The company ArtHaus, financially supported by FITD, is offering completely free of charge access to its platform, to help those who are in a state of emergency, providing or looking for a job. It represents an online service for merging talented individuals with employers.

The company Target Group Doo Skopje, financially supported by FITD, provides free access to the platform (also financially supported by FITD) to all legal entities in our country in a period of 30 days - a basic package in order to help the operation and making smart business decisions.

For free activation, fill in the following form and enter "Digital Solidarity" in the comment section.

With this free basic package of, companies receive a detailed online overview of the operations of all registered companies in Macedonia, an overview of their financial operations, registration data, the possibility of monitoring key changes in companies, for the purpose of timely information on making smart business decisions.


Marjanovikj Edukacija is offering:

Three free courses for people who want to get professionally acquainted with web design and web development. These courses are informative and aim to introduce the audience to the basic concepts and the idea, should they choose this type of career.

Free e-book from the same field, entitled "How to become a web developer" and various short, inspiring and motivating contents for all interested in web design, web programming, WordPress, freelance, ideas for online earning, career development etc.