Free trainings in introduction to artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence for business и Microsoft AI fundamentals – AI900

Semos Education and the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development are launching a project to educate young people about raising awareness and the benefits of using artificial intelligence in everyday life and work.

The purpose of the conducted trainings is for the majority of the participants to continue in further mastering the knowledge in this area, which puts the Republic of Northern Macedonia on the map of countries that create mass knowledge and awareness of this type of technology. Trained certified persons will be able to continue their careers in domestic and foreign companies, which will have a long-term impact on increasing the export of software services.

Semos Education gives the opportunity to 1000 young people to listen to the trainings for free:

  • AIBIZ – Artificial Intelligence for business 

Training on the application of artificial intelligence in business

  • Microsoft AI fundamentals – AI900 

Training that introduces the listener to the basic concepts related to artificial intelligence and Microsoft Azure services that can be used to create solutions using artificial intelligence.

The following can apply for the trainings:

  • High school students of at least 17 years
  • Young people up to 29 years old
  • Opportunity to obtain a world-renowned diploma for free
  • Practical work on a real project
  • Acquisition of real skills: How this technology is applied and how to save time, energy and resources in your business

FITD within the project will provide:

  • Connecting with interested municipalities and educational institutions throughout the country;
  • At the trainings, guest lectures will be held by the companies Impala, C-Main, Aidea Lab and Agrar which are beneficiaries of co-financed grants from FITR and successfully work in the field of artificial intelligence
  • Their representatives will share real examples from the work so far and the best participants in the trainings will get the opportunity for practical work in these companies.

Until 18th of May, until 6 pm at

For all questions For all questions and tel. 02/3130900