#FITRClassroom: Strategies for successful communication with your audience

How to communicate with your audience in the post-Covid era was the topic discussed by Zayna Aston, head of YouTube Communications for Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Kosta Petrov, Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development. During the webinar, the participants had the opportunity to hear many useful tips and strategies used by the most successful communication experts during a pandemic.

The Covid crisis definitely affected the trend of communication between brands and their customers. Many brands have changed their communication strategies, keeping in mind that the global audience is online, looking for interesting and useful content that will animate them during the pandemic. Zayna Aston presented a huge increase in YouTube followers, for example only in the first quarter of 2020, they reached total of 25% increase in online views, while a total increase of 45% in live streams on YouTube platform.

According to Zayna, the key point is that as a result of the Covid crisis, users were forced to sit in their homes and they felt the need to be connected, so they began to search for interesting content, to record videos in order to feel comfortable and safe during the covid crisis. Having a 10 years of experience on the YouTube platform, Zayna presented key points used by the biggest content creators:

  1. Get to know your audience and actively communicate with them, listen to their needs, desires and requests;
  2. Share current, useful and valuable content to share;
  3. Everyone has their own voice, you have enough power to tell your story
  4. Collaborate with other social media platforms to realize your campaign
  5. Authenticity, be unique and authentic.

Zayna concluded her lecture by emphasizing that it is very important to establish mutual communication with your audience, in order for them to feel connected and comfortable. Have a dialogue by listening to their needs and wants. The webinar ended with an open discussion, users asked many interesting questions and had the opportunity to get an answer from a real expert in the field of communications.

We are expecting you at the next webinar scheduled for 24.02 at 19.00h, with Bjorn Trowery, the first person in charge of customer communication and public relations on Facebook. We will talk about: "How to effectively communicate with your audience on Facebook." Како ефикасно да комуницирате со вашата публика на Фејсбук.