FITD and Semos Education: Free training for 1000 people for Artificial Intelligence

Semos Education and the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development start a partnership project for development and greater implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the country. Through free education 1000 high school students from 17 and young to 29 years will have the opportunity to learn how to apply Artificial Intelligence in everyday life and work.

The project envisages visits to two free trainings that are an introduction to Artificial Intelligence. It is about AIBIZ - Artificial Intelligence for business from the brand CertNexus, training for the application of Artificial Intelligence in business and Microsoft AI fundamentals - AI900, training that introduces the listener to the basic concepts related to artificial intelligence and services in "Microsoft Azure" (Microsoft Azure).

Online trainings will be held on May 20 and 21, 2021, with six-hour lectures per day. Participants will have the opportunity to take and be certified with a world-renowned diploma.  

"The application of Artificial Intelligence is crucial for the digital transformation of the ecosystem and that is why, together with the Government, we are already working on establishing a working group to create a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. But we do not stop here. In the last six months, the Innovation Fund together with partner organizations has been seriously working on the transformation of the Macedonian startup ecosystem and the introduction of global trends in the operation of Macedonian startups and companies" said Kosta Petrov, director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development. He added that through the work of the National Startup Council, intensive cooperation with ecosystem stakeholders, cooperation with banks and recent changes in the call for startups and spin companies FITD is taking serious steps towards positioning the Republic of Northern Macedonia as a startup hub in the region.

The fund within the project will provide connections with interested municipalities and educational institutions throughout the country. At the trainings, guest lectures will be held by the companies Stratum R&D, Si-Main, Aidea Lab and Agrar, which are beneficiaries of co-financed grants from FITD and successfully work in the field of artificial intelligence. Their representatives will share real examples from their work so far and the best participants in the trainings will have the opportunity for practical work in these companies.

In the first and leading Training Center in the field of information technologies "Semos Education" in the past 25 years, over 100,000 participants from over 20 countries in Europe and the world have been trained.

"Artificial intelligence is the technology of the future that will be included in many professions that exist today, but which have not yet been invented. It is very important to understand that artificial intelligence has long been not just for the IT industry. As Semos Education we always carry the new trends and with the education on this topic we want to enter our country in the world knowledge race for Artificial Intelligence. Young people who will be future employees, with this technology opens a new opportunity, to sell their knowledge from here around the world and working digitally to earn more" said Valentina Taseva, director of Semos Education.

The purpose of the conducted trainings is for the majority of the participants to continue in further mastering the knowledge in this area, which puts the Republic of Northern Macedonia on the map of countries that create mass knowledge and awareness of this type of technology. Trained certified persons will be able to continue their careers in domestic and foreign companies, which will have a long-term impact on increasing the export of software services.

Anyone interested in attending the free trainings will be able to register until May 18 at 6 pm on the official website