FITD CLASSROOM: How to become an attractive employer?

International recruiter Serdzan Simsek Arnautovic from "Facebook" is a lecturer at the second webinar within the new initiative #FITD CLASSROOM by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development, on the topic "Employee branding". The webinar will take place on 09.12 at 19.00 on the zoom platform and is open to all interested parties. The application is at the following link:

Simsek Arnautovic is a recruiter for the Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe on Facebook, and you will learn from him how Facebook positions itself on the market as a desired employer, as well as how the employment process is carried out together with training strategies and the admission of new employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with the new challenges in the sphere of hiring new staff, there are also opportunities to consolidate a strong brand and create a unique experience for the candidates.

The main topics of the webinar will be: effective communication with the key internal and external audience, how to use the data in order to adapt the messages and find the right channels, how to maintain the internal engagement in the upward direction and the employment processes during social distancing.

Serdzan is an international recruiter based in Dublin, Ireland. He has worked on a number of cross-border recruitment projects with some of the largest financial and technology institutions, and is currently working for Facebook as a recruiter for their various positions across the MENA & CEE regions. Speaking several languages and having a solid knowledge of the global recruitment market, Serdzan is a recruiter with exposure and experience in a number of different fields (private banking, finance, funds, e-commerce, IT, gaming).

Twice a month, global experts from the world's largest brands in various fields will share their experience and recommendations as part of a new series of webinars called #FITD CLASSROOM. This new FITD initiative is part of the long-term strategy for investing in entrepreneurs and the Macedonian startup sector by sharing knowledge and lessons learned from world experts, as a contribution to their growth and further development.