DFITD Petrov and Dvorkovich meet in Moscow: Intensifying the cooperation between the two countries

Intensification of the cooperation between the Macedonian and Russian innovative creations, as well as setting up a separate accelerator program, through which the two countries will work on creating investment readiness, was discussed at the meeting held by DFITD Kosta Petrov and Arkadi Dvorkovich, President of the Foundation “Skolkovo” in Moscow.

At the meeting, Petrov spoke about the successful policies of FITD, the startup portfolio but also the new initiatives undertaken by the Fund for positioning North Macedonia as a regional startup hub.

Dvorkovich and Daria Shunina, Head of the International Relations Department among Startups in Skolkovo, presented their business model, investment policies, tax incentives for companies that are part of the Innovation Park, as well as educational policies to create a new generation of successful startups.

The director Petrov and the FITD team are visiting Moscow at the invitation of the Foundation, where they attended the event “Nobel Vision: Open Innovation 2.0”, where the most influential Russian and world experts in the field of innovation spoke.

The Skolkovo Innovation Center, also known as the Russian Silicon Valley, is a key Russian development project: a 460-hectare technology business area planned at Skolkovo, near Moscow, Russia. The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of breakthrough projects and technologies. Dozens of innovative projects developed by Skolkovo startups have found success in international markets, in particular, equipment for the dynamic modelling of oil and gas fields, next-generation screen displays and laser systems for soft-tissue surgery.