Control Cert - Software for control of factory production of construction products

Share with us some information about your company… When was it established, primary business, current customers, etc.… Or if it is newly established, what is the structure and by whom was it founded?

CONTROL CERT is an authorized body for certification of products, processes and services by the Ministry of Economy and accredited by the Accreditation Institute with the main focus on certification of construction products in accordance with the Law on Construction Products. In addition to certification of construction products, CONTROL CERT and certification of management systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 22000 and ISO 13485. In addition to the certification services, CONTROL CERT also implements the GDPR (Personal Data Protection).

CONTROL CERT was founded on 7.12.2017 by Daniel Trajkovi кој who is also the manager of the company. It is accredited for certification of products, processes and services on 22.08.2018, thus starting to perform its main activity. The structure of CONTROL CERT consists of a director, certification manager, certification manager, a team of evaluators and a commission for protection of impartiality. In terms of construction products, we cooperate with authorized and accredited laboratories, while for other services we successfully cooperate with certification bodies from Serbia, Croatia and Turkey. At this moment CONTROL CERT has more than 50 clients.

Can you tell us more about the project for which you received funding from FITD? What exactly is the project about?

The software for control of factory production of construction products will be a web-based solution and will be a set of processes through which monitoring and analysis of factory production of concrete and aggregates is performed. The user will have access to all processes, procedures, work instructions, forms and records that are normative according to the standard used by the manufacturer.

One of the key advantages of the software is the automatic processing of the results of performed product tests according to which it prepares detailed, daily, monthly and annual reports that manufacturers without the software have to prepare manually due to which they waste time, finances and resources.

The software will alert the user to any critical changes in the quality of the products and their compliance with the standards according to which they are certified, but will also serve as a step-by-step guide in the factory production control system that will lead to maximum compliance. of the product with the relevant standard.

How long and to what extent is it developing? When at the earliest can we expect MVP (minimum viable product) from the product available to the public?

The estimated time for realization of the project is 12 months. In the fourth quarter, the program will be tested and will be available to the public.

How much will the additional funding from FITR help you? In which parts of the project will the Fund’s finances help you more precisely?

As for the financial assistance from FITD, it will be mostly aimed at experts in the field of construction products and standardization as well as the developers who will be involved in the implementation of the software. We must mention that without the financial assistance from FITD, the possibilities for the realization of the project would be reduced to a minimum.

Is the product / service you plan to develop for the domestic or international market? What is your primary target group?

Smart Production Control (SPC) will be intended primarily for the domestic market for manufacturers of construction products as well as laboratories for testing construction materials, more precisely in the first 2 years, and after language modifications will be available for sale in Serbia and Croatia through partners at CONTROL CENTER. The ultimate goal of the product is to be present on the market of the European Union member states.