"Challenge for young researchers 3": Students from high school "Nace Bugjoni" created the project "Solar Infusion"

Through the “Solar Infusion” project, students from the high school “Nace Bugjoni” became part of the “Challenge for Young Researchers 3” supported by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development.

The team of students from this school proved the transfer of energy in the form of sunlight and its further utilization.

The students of this professional school gained experience with lighting installation and the performance of logic circuits using relays, assemblies and photo resistors that later reflect the light.

Through the “Challenge for Young Researchers”, FITD supports research projects based on the scientific method, including aspects such as teamwork, inclusiveness, social cohesion, research ethics and socio-economic benefit.

The purpose of the challenge is to encourage creative and critical thinking by finding answers to previously identified questions and problems, and to nurture curiosity by discovering new horizons in a way that challenges conventional knowledge.

Through the process of discovery, students, teachers, and mentors can identify their abilities, improve their own skills, and collaborate to achieve common goals.