Allegations that state money from FITR was used for video interviews are completely untrue

The Fund for Innovation and Technological Development rejects the accusations placed at the press conference of VMRO DPMNE as well as in some media, in which the correctness of the work of the director Kosta Petrov is disputed. In order to accurately inform the public, we state the following facts:

"The promotion of FITR as an institution that should encourage and support young innovators and entrepreneurs in their ideas is a commitment of every employee of the Fund, but above all, my personal. The videos with young successful entrepreneurs and innovators who received the support of the Fund were made only for this purpose, and not, as stated, for my promotion as director of the institution, much less as a party official.

The videos were made in my production, and not “denar” of state money was spent on them, which can be easily checked by inspecting the invoices of the Fund. They have not been realized within the framework of the agreements with the marketing agencies mentioned, which I additionally inform that are agreements that I inherited from the previous management after my designation of the function. The agreements were made in September last year and signed by the previous director, Jovan Despotovski. 

"Despite the attempts of some structures to discredit my work, I remain committed to promoting and improving the image of the Fund and encouraging innovation, as a mechanism for achieving accelerated technological and economic growth and development in the country," said Kosta Petrov, Acting Director of FITD.