April 21st - World Creativity and Innovation Day

FITD marks April 21st - World Day of Creativity and Innovation, by organizing a panel discussion on the topic: "By investing in innovation to sustainable economic growth and development". The event will be addressed by Mr. Zoran Zaev, Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and Kosta Petrov, Director of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, as well as representatives of companies that have implemented innovative and successful projects: Vesna Kuzmanovic from Stratum R&D, Ana Spasovska from Innovation, Dimitar Shoshev from Elysium Center and Gligor Davcevski from DoXteam. The event will take place on April 21 (Wednesday) starting at 12h and will go live on FITD social platforms

Support for creative and innovative ideas is the focus of the work of the Fund for Innovation and Technological Development, which through the available instruments for financial support has a portfolio of over 550 co-financed projects and an investment of over 75 million euros. In this regard, the panel discussion aims to encourage people and companies to awaken creativity and innovation, to encourage the development of new, creative ideas and opportunities that will contribute to achieving sustainable economic growth, job creation and job creation. a better future for all of us.

April 21 is the World Day of Creativity and Innovation under the auspices of the United Nations, which marks this year 2021 as a year of creative economy aimed at achieving sustainable growth and development. The aim is to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of society.